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Top 5 iPhone Features Coming with iOS 16

Apple has released the final version of the iOS 16 operating system for users, which will give them a lot of great features, such as customizing the lock screen, improving focus modes, the new fitness app without the need for an Apple smartwatch, and other features that will give the user a unique experience on the iPhone. And if you are an Apple user or an Android user but you are curious, keep reading this article because we will review the top 5 upcoming iPhone features with iOS 16.

Security Check iPhone iOS 16

Apple cares about users' privacy and that's why it's keen to come up with privacy features to keep them safe from harm that's why a new section known as Security Check has been designed that can be used when the user feels under threat such as emergencies.

Security Check can be useful for users whose lives are at risk of domestic, family, or partner violence, and with this new feature, users are allowed to quickly review and remove any access that has been granted to others. This includes easily logging out of iCloud on all devices and resetting permissions Privacy as well as disabling location sharing and controlling who can access their data.

Lock screen customization

Our phones are what we are, which is why Apple has given users more freedom to customize their iPhones, and with iOS 16, the lock screen has received massive improvements. Fonts and color options.

Moreover, the lock screen gives quick access to widgets or widgets such as calendar, weather, battery levels, and alerts, all available with a single touch. Multiple lock screens are preset, and notifications will appear at the bottom of the screen so they don't prevent you from seeing the lock screen you've customized.

Shared Photo Library on iCloud iOS 16

iCloud Shared Photo Library is another feature in iOS 16 but is coming to iPhone users later this year (along with Clean Power Charging), through which the user will be able to create a library of photos in iCloud and share them with up to Up to six family members, this will give participants the ability to add, edit and customize photos. The new feature uses smart suggestions to share photos that include family or friends in the shared photo library, and you can choose to easily send photos directly from your camera to the library.

Edit iMessages

One of the things that iPhone users wished from Apple, was to allow them to edit or cancel the message in the iMessage application, especially if you sent someone else by mistake, typed a word incorrectly, or wanted to undo what you wrote in an hour of anger, now with iOS 16, iPhone users will have the ability to edit iMessage messages, cancel the message after sending it, and even mark conversations to make them appear as unread without a problem. Edit or remove the message, and when you choose the edit function, the updated message will appear to the other person, and under it, the phrase “Modified.” You can edit the message after a maximum of 15 minutes, or cancel the message, which can be done after a maximum of two minutes.

Live text and visual search

Live Text uses your iPhone's AI to recognize text in images which are useful when you're trying to translate something or search for it on the web. Now that's in video with iOS 16, where you can pause a video and interact with text within the frame.

Also, the visual search feature allows you to examine, process, and transfer image topics to applications such as Messages. This functionality is enhanced with iOS 16 to recognize more objects such as figurines, birds, and insects where you can raise an element from the background that separates the main element in photos so that you can copy and paste it into other applications such as Messages and Mail.

Finally, these were the top 5 features coming to the iPhone with iOS 16, and of course, the new update includes many other great features, some of which include improving focus and scheduled sending or undoing sending in the Mail app. In addition, dictation has been improved and you can use your voice and keyboard to seamlessly enter and edit text, and the Family Sharing feature has been updated so parents can suggest age-appropriate restrictions and set up new devices automatically using existing parental controls. Additional screen time can be approved or denied directly with Messages.

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